In Chamber Shoes - Laura Rhoney

Laura is new to the Chamber, this is her first week in her new position as COO. Laura has worked in a number of industries from Coca Cola to contact centre management in various roles including business development, marketing and operational management. With over 20 years’ experience in customer support and strategy building she is looking forward to supporting business across Dundee and Angus in her role with the Chamber.  

Day one and my (work) list is growing!

After a long weekend moving my mother into a care home my personal to do list was getting smaller, a great feeling for any of us but I knew Monday was going to start a new list to get my teeth into for my new role at the Chamber as COO.  I got up super early to get myself ready for my first day, jumped in the car and started the journey to Dundee, working in Arbroath 5 minutes from home for the last 6 years so this was a new routine to get into.  What a fantastic start to the week, met a lot of the team, learned a lot about the Chamber and sat in on a few meetings before going through a great induction to the company.  Laura’s list, that’s what the long list that has been getting compiled over the last few weeks in preparation of me arriving, ever growing!!  

Day two – e-learning

Like all businesses training is key and the Chamber is no different, the modules took me through everything I needed to get started with client and internal CRM, company policies and more, great morning getting into it all.  I am impressed that Zero emissions is so important to the Chamber, that is evident from the get go and to that end I sorted out some paperwork for electric bikes, bike to work and electric car schemes, there is an event in the Chamber on Thursday that I am attending all about Net Zero which is very exciting indeed. The rest of the day was focussed around new projects and funding which I will be announced soon! 

Day three – Recruitment

Another early morning for me, not only because our 4 year old niece stayed last night, but beating the traffic into Dundee.  My day was filled with a new project and the recruitment for that project, I have job descriptions and project plans coming out my ears!  Some fantastic meetings today too, Love Dundee Local project which the DACC and Dundee City Council are collaborating on is a fantastic way to shop locally and support our community, I loved hearing about that project and look forward to help support our team make the most out of this opportunity. 

Day Four – COVID strikes

Well on day two I said I was looking forward to the Net Zero event at the Chamber office in Dundee, it was not to be, I tested positive for Covid so working from home today, I am lucky I guess as this is the first time for any of my household.  The event was fantastic, Sarah and the team hosted passionate employers and heard from speakers that are changing the world and I am so disappointed to miss it but spent some time on our social media channels following the event and the speakers.  So for me today I worked through some house keeping for April and put together some plans for internal ‘getting to know’ my team which I cannot wait for.

Day Five – Meetings and missing out

Friday was full of introductions for me, Scottish Government included which was great to get to know them a little more.  Due to Covid everything was over teams which I know is the norm for the last few years but I have been enjoying meeting people in person again and even managing a handshake or too.  The Chamber team have really made me feel welcome and I can’t wait to start getting involved in the International and membership teams projects over the coming months and the part I will play in those projects as I bring with me years of knowledge in marketing and sales and will guide the team to success. 

Missing out tonight though in a fun team get together for curryoke (curry and Karaoke)! Disappointed does not cover it I have songs ready and everything!!