In Your Shoes - Dave Adamson

After many years in project and operational engineering, primarily in the energy sector, I started Cada Global in 2015 to produce software applications. This developed from applications for students to the current development of a risk management application for SMEs.

I've also expanded the services area of the business to include digital services. I now support small and medium organisations with digital marketing and software project management services.

Monday Half-day

The first task of the week, and the first task each day, is to review the work required to be delivered this week/day. I use Google Tasks and Calendar to balance each day, considering meetings, breaks, and taking some time off this week.

I then switch to developing content for a couple of clients' websites and social media platforms, including text, titles, hashtags, location, images, videos, and the Call-To-Actions.

After finishing creative content, I switch brain sides and start reconciling the business accounts. If I don’t do these on a Monday, I procrastinate – accounting is not my favourite task.

Finishing early today! We (family) all head off to the new Montrose Playhouse cinema to see the latest James Bond film. Good film and, more importantly, a great new facility for movies, art, music, drama and entertainment for Montrose and the surrounding area.

Tuesday in Aberdeen

I need to take the car to the VW garage in Aberdeen for a quick repair, so take the opportunity to catch up with a couple of companies based in Aberdeen.

First is Ross McLeod, the CEO of Intebloc, providers of specialist crane and lifting technology. Intebloc is developing innovative technology to increase productivity and safety in the crane and lifting industry. We’ve been developing products simultaneously and are helping each other out with different aspects of the process. At this meeting, I discussed with Ross his strategy to best position Intebloc product names to improve organic marketing. For example, they have a product called Rig-Ware and struggle with SEO optimisation by having the hyphen. Ross is going to review the product name and look to change to RigWare to maximise the branding.

Next is Lynsey Steele of Pinnacle. Pinnacle has provided the developers to Cada Global for the risk management application, GetRiskManager, and Lynsey is the Pinnacle project manager for the build. The discussion centres around developing a couple of new features for GetRiskManager.

Wednesday Products and Marketing

I had further discussions with Pinnacle about CadaStudent, a coursework application for college and university students. It’s been on hold for a couple of years, but now is the time to push to completion and prepare for next year’s further and higher education intakes. Also discussed is the latest product developed by Pinnacle, HomeCareApp.

I start a product development plan for a software application for a new client. The development process looks like it will take a year or so to create the MVP (Minimum Viable Product), but it seems like it’ll be a game-changer for its sector.

I then set up outbound emailing (aka cold email marketing) for GetRiskManager – the focus for this campaign is newly funded tech companies. Legal requirements and contractual software issues must be addressed before starting any cold email campaign. It’s not the same as Inbound marketing, such as using MailChimp, etc. However, when done correctly, email marketing can provide a considerable ROI – up to 40:1.

If there are any DACC members considering outbound email marketing, I’m more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Thursday Marketing (Clients and Cada Global)

Today, I'm spending some time optimising Google and Microsoft Ads for GetRiskManager and Cada Global digital marketing services. Specifically, I’m looking at optimising the ad text and the associated landing pages.

I then start to create November’s social media content for Cada Global and GetRiskManager social media platforms.

Finally, I returned to developing content started on Monday for the client websites and social media platforms.

Late afternoon I travel to Aberdeen for a birthday dinner with my daughter; she’s an Account Manager at Hampton, a creative branding and digital agency. If you’re looking for a part-time marketing manager position with a great agency, suggest following this link.

Friday Half-day

Review incomplete actions from this week and reschedule some activities to new dates.

Time to update the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Cada Global use the Streak CRM for product and digital marketing services prospects; Streak is the preferred tool as it integrates directly into Gmail. A bit of a drive on digital marketing as now available to take on new clients after a couple of companies decided to create an in-house team. However, I’ll support them with occasional meetings to get them up to speed.

I start the 2022-2024 business plans, and I split them into three areas, digital services, GetRiskManager and CadaStudent. Hopefully, I will finish the plans by the end of November.

It’s half-day today, so head off to Arbroath, to have lunch and spend the afternoon with the family.