In Your Shoes - Angela Scott

Angela Scott is one of 2 directors who founded QHSE ABERDEEN in 2015.  With her partner Dave Rusling they started the company during the Oil & Gas downturn. Angela takes care of the Business Development and Finace side of the business.

Through previous experience they saw a gap in the market to assist organisations with ISO Management Systems with a simple but profesional no nonense approach.

This is a busy role but Angela loves meeting new people through networking and events.  Any excuse for a coffee.

Monday – Planning Day

Working from home all day today, this means my 15 yr old Beagle, Copper, gets a bit more attention and a short walk if he has the energy.

At QHSE Aberdeen our priority is customer satisfaction.  As Business Development Director I love to meet up with new and existing customers reviewing our feedback and making sure we deliver what's promised, our team of 8 staff are constantly busy and this week is all about finding a new hire( to relieve the pressure a bit).

On Mondays I like to prep for the week check accounts, emails and LinkedIn messages.  As a director of a small company I wear many hats.

Following up on latest enquiries, discussing CVs for a new Senior QHSE Advisor role in the afternoon A virtual network meeting with ABN J10 group.

Checking feedback for our latest Internal Auditor course last week, which was good and all applicants passed the course, so all good there.

Tuesday – Networking & Environmental

Today, I joined for the first time the DACC virtual speed networking. It was great to meet so many Dundee chamber members and make many new contacts in the Dundee and Angus area, what a fantastic event and surprisingly no technical hiccups for such a large crowd on 1 to 1s.

We are becoming increasingly busy with carbon neutral / environmental enquiries including verification to PAS 2060.  Today I sent out three new proposals, all of which are looking very promising. QHSE Aberdeen have, ourselves signed up to SME Climate Hub and we commit to joining The Climate Pledge, the cross-sector community committed to reaching net zero-carbon emissions by 2040.

We have been advertising for a Senior QHSE Advisor role and have arranged for interviews this week, its all go !    This is the bit I find really difficult, its not easy having to chose only 1 or 2 people out of 8 successful applicants,  it comes down to who we think will be the best fit for the team and our client base.

Wednesday – The Italian Job (remotely)

Busy day, one face to face client meeting which went really well.  Its so good when a client really buys into to streamlining their business and adopting a new ISO Management System. 

Just had confirmation that an Italian Audit for one of our Clients, which was originally scheduled for a site visit has now turned into a virtual Teams meeting, (who knew that 365 Teams would have become so popular) Saving time, money and risk of covid.

Back in the office for three interviews for our senior advisor role, then senior management meeting to discuss,… hiring is a team effort here !

Thursday – More Meetings !!

Had a very good face to face meeting with a potential client this morning, this client wanted to move away from ”clunky” software and become UKAS  Certified to 3 ISO standards, sometimes keeping things simple and streamlined is the way to go.   Another meeting via Teams in the afternoon about Environmental Standards, which gave me time to write my proposals and catch up on emails (which there are plenty! ) Another late interview before closing up at 5:45 PM

Being a director is not a 9-5 job.  Myself and my partner Dave spend many evenings and weekends discussing work and strategy.

Friday – Month End

So its Friday,… in the office first thing for a quick Directors meeting before a positive staff appraisal.  Then a Senior management meeting discussing our potential new employee requirements against the applicants we have interviewed.  I then put on my Financial hat and authorised all the supplier payments and wages to go out.

The afternoon was spent looking forward to next week and prepping for a few new meetings and networking events.  I like to be organised and make sure I know who I am meeting the following week.  2 of our proposals came back signed off and ready to start asap, so can’t wait to get someone started.

Quick LinkedIn post before I sign off for the day.

I wish I was as organised at home as I am at work….  530pm on Friday and I have no idea what’s for dinner ! 

Saturday - one hour catch up

I like to allow myself an hour on a Saturday morning to catch up on a couple of things that have slipped through a busy week.

This morning I wanted to schedule in extra dates for Internal Auditor Courses.  This takes a bit of planning with timetables so its good to do it with no distractions. 

All done by 1130am and the rest of the weekend to relax and refresh.  Its a wild weekend weather wise, so good excuse to catch up with friends at the local restaurant (no cooking again!)