In Your Shoes - Kurt Herd

KC Locksmith Services Ltd is a family run locksmith business based in Dundee which serves Tayside, Angus, Perthshire, Fife and sometimes further afield if required. Servicing homes and commercial properties, we gain entry, replace locks, cut keys, program entry fobs and add additional security as well as vehicle gain entry and key programming. 


Monday morning starts off with a call from the Cheesy Toast Shack in St Andrews, customer had lost the keys to their van. We gain entry, cut and program a new key for them so they can get stock to feed their hungry customers.  We take the opportunity to have a toastie and a coffee which was amazing and much needed after the cold breeze coming off the sea.  We also take our locksmith dog for a walk along the beach so everyone in the team is a winner.

Then we head off to Tesco car park in Dundee where a customer had locked the keys inside their car. We gain entry through a non destructive method and the custumers keys are recovered within an hour of the call.


Tuesday is a fairly common start for us, supply and fit a keysafe.  Often it's people being released from hospital (elderly) who require this prior to being released if carers are needed to go in, or kids constantly losing keys so parents add this feature. Other times it's an new Air B&B.  Whatever the reason, we supply a few keysafes these days. 

Next job was to visit a garage in Dundee to supply and programme a spare car key which was going out that day to a new customer. We cut the key to code, programme it to the car and it's good to go. 

We get a call while doing the car, someone was locked out on Strathmartine Road in Dundee, the funny (or not) thing about doing these jobs is I can almost guarantee it's a top floor flat, so getting my steps in is easy!  I gain entry non destructivley as the customer had keys in the flat. 

We tend to walk our dog Archie and shop around jobs, so after this job we took Archie for a walk.


A lot of our work involves finding solutions for vulnerable people, in this case an elderly lady could not use her key, so we offered her an alternative which is a fob entry on her door.  This means she can now leave the house and get back to normal.  


Thursday started off with a call from a carpenter near Alyth who'd lost his car key.  We were able to read the code, cut the key and programme it to his delight as he stayed out in the country, 7 miles from Alyth! The customer was over the moon and gave us 6 duck eggs from his own ducks!

A door not locking was the next issue,  this was all about adjustment as UPVC doors tend to expand with the heat meaning that hinges can require adjusting sometimes. We removed and replaced the doors in order for it to align. 


I received an emergency call from the Pro Shop at Panmure Golf Club, their key had broken in a bullet lock, with a few Americans due to tee-off soon this had to be a quick response.  I managed to gain entry to them all and remove the broken key which meant these bullet locks can be re-used. It always amazes me how well these golf courses are cared for, the greens looked amazing. 

On the way back we get a call from a customers who had locked the keys in his work van at the back of the Caird Hall, with all his tools in the van he was needing in ASAP.  We arrive and within 10 mins he's back in business!