In Your Shoes - Amanda Inglis

Amanda Inglis is a marketing expert who helps small business owners navigate the overwhelming world of communications, branding and website development so that they can accelerate their route to success. Running her own successful business, Due North Creatives, alongside a busy family life Amanda is an advocate of building businesses that enable you to enjoy life to the fullest without having to sacrifice a career in the process.

Monday - Planning with the team

As a remote team that are spread right across Aberdeenshire and Angus, we catch up twice a week as a team on Zoom to walk through the status of client projects. We use a project management tool called Asana to manage all our activities so that we can see a timeline and communicate easily between each other. The first section of these team calls are also used to check in with each other, find out what's been happening over the weekend and if there’s anything we want to draw attention to in local or industry news. Once the team meeting is completed, the rest of my day is a mixture of meetings and proofreading content. 


Tuesday - Customer centric content

One of the biggest mistakes people make when writing their website or marketing materials is that they focus too much on what they want to tell the customer, and not enough time considering what the customer might like to know at each point in their buyer journey. We are BIG on putting the customer at the heart of everything we do and designing content around it. Today I’m spending some time with Frazer Cerretti of Cerretti Electrical exploring different content ideas around the installation of electric car charging points.  

Wednesday - Visiting clients - Lathallan School

Today I’m onsite at Lathallan School having a meeting with Headmaster Richard Toley to discuss how things are progressing with the implementation of their marketing plan. We have a one- year contract here to cover maternity leave helping them to raise awareness of the school and maintain strong communication with pupils, parents, teachers and the wider community.  Spending time onsite with clients in their working environment is great as you get to see behind the scenes and have lots of opportunity to be inspired and get creative. Did you know they have a school farm? We got to meet their Alpaca’s on a recent trip! 

Thursday - Dog walking breaks

One of our values at Due North is Choose Life. We recognise that working remotely we need to make more of an effort to create boundaries in our working day so that we can practice a bit of self-care.  With so much screen time these days, we’re always encouraging each other to take regular breaks and as a few of us have dogs, it gives a good excuse to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Living just outside Montrose, I have the most beautiful walks on my doorstep - my dog Aston is truly spoilt!

Friday - Photoshoot at Ma Yom

It’s another session out and about this morning with one of our clients Ma Yom, a lovely Thai restaurant located in Montrose.  We’re coordinating a photoshoot, where we have invited a group of guests for lunch so that we can capture the setting and the amazing food on offer. It’s said that a photo can speak a thousand words and it’s why we would always recommend you to invest in professional photography to capture the essence of your brand and use stock imagery sparingly or not at all.  After seeing the gorgeous cocktails on offer here it is the perfect inspiration for the weekend ahead!