In Your Shoes - Kevin Matthew

This is the day in the life of a small business owner of a company that makes personalised gifts and signs for the home and business. Fast-paced and never a dull moment!

Monday - Monday is the busiest day of the week

Orders from Saturday, Sunday and Monday need to be processed, made and posted out.  We make all products to order, so speed and efficiency are critical. We practice LEAN Manufacturing so all orders are made to a timeline and we look for improvements every day.  Following COVID and the rise in costs, it's even more important to get everything perfect because customers now more than ever want more for their money..

The FIRST PART OF THE MORNING…. (This is a daily set of jobs so i’ll only mention them once)

So I am at 7am.
- I Design orders
- Prepare for morning briefing meeting
- Look at the 2 minute improvements that I have made and what needs highlighted.

Going to CUT…(still before 9am)
-Once designed we cut the orders / handwrite the ones needed doing and vinyl others.
-the team arrives and we set out the priorities and outline the jobs for the day. Team work is so so important with past issues like communication having to be ironed out to improve our service and quality of products.

The rest of the morning is about managing the environment and helping decision making where needed.
The second half of the day heads over to Marketing and Product management. This is where I’ll either meet with Sam or plan out the next steps in the different projects we have on, one being the 365 days of giveaways.

Tuesday - The new display in Bladez Hairdressers set up

Sam and I (My wife) set up a Light Up LETTER B to showcase our new hire service. On top of this we have created a partnership with Bladez in Broughty Ferry, offering a discount to their clients and a monthly giveaway competition. This is something that I am keen to do more of.

The second element of the day consisted of Sam and I meeting up to plan out the new partnership with Cake Guru of Broughty Ferry. Here we have a double offering of shelf space that we will sell our products on PLUS window display to attract people and raise awareness of MadeAt94.

Wednesday - Father’s Day Workshop preparation

This week we hosted free workshops for families. The theme was Father’s Day and the task was to create a Coaster.  We cut all the coaster templates out ready for the event.  In the afternoon, we met with our Marketing guy to map out 2 new approaches we are going to take to increase brand awareness.

Thursday - I prepared the Letters for a charity event RISE

We try to help out as much as we can in the community and this was one of those occurrences. I added more products to ETSY and the website and looked at keywords in preparation for Father’s Day sales.  Then…It’s making the Amazon bulk shipment of products to be sent out on the Friday!

Friday - I finish at 2 pm on a Friday to pick the kids up from school

I spray all the plaques on a Friday when needed. These are the 6 x 3 inch hanging signs that we write on. Friday is also a general clear up of outstanding orders and bespoke requests.