In Your Shoes - Kessar Salimi

Kessar Salimi is a mortgage broker, property investor and the owner of Freedom Financial, a mortage broker for property investors. Based in the cultural quarter of Dundee. Freedom Financial cover landlords and property investors throughout the whole of Scotland.

Monday: Fitness and team work

Been into my fitness since lockdown and try to get in some yoga at least once a week, and today was the day. I follow Breath and Flow on YouTube for Yoga workouts. 

Office only 10 minutes away, so try an cycle in as much as possible, even though it doesnt matter what direction Im cycling the wind is never in my favour. Recently purchased a new bike (2nd hand but good as new, love a Facebay deal) and looking forward to getting out and about a bit more with the hints of spring on the horizon. 

First thing to start each day is catching up with the team, some are in the office, some working at home, this isnt due to lockdowns, we find the office works well with flexible working. Some of the team full time at home and some half and half. 

Like most evenings, time spent with the family. 

Tuesday: Standing desk and calls

Don't usually treat myself to extravagant purchases but have had my eye on a standing desk for a while now (no facebay deals this time). This now stops me from slouching at the end of a long day. Only issue is now the rest of the team are asking for one as well (might treat them at Christmas).

Most of my days are spent chatting with clients on Fact Find and Discovery calls.

Fact Find calls, usually around an hour are where we collate  with clients, collecting information to then find suitabe mortgage products.

Discovery calls with new clients, discussing what they are looking to do, how we can help and offer some property hints and tips along the way.

These are usually by phone or on Teams, and consist of facts and figures, but also give me the chance to get to know clients a bit better (and vice versa).

Wednesday: Marketing and Website Launch

Lots of early calls so on the phone for most of the morning.

Catching up with marketing colleague to go over plans, we have a new website getting launched this week. Main thing is recording a video introducing Freedom Financial for the first page of the website. Also a page for podcasts. ANd add new team members to the Meet the Teams page.

All marketing including videos and content creation is in house so really enjoy getting involved in this.

More fact finder calls in afternoon and met a client for lunch, office right across the road from Casa in the Nethergate so ideal location for getting out and about.

Time with family again this evening, plus a personal coaching session on Zoom once kids are in bed. 

Thursday: Content Marketing

We put a big focus on digital marketing at Freedom Financial and my personal page, one of the main pieces of content we put out regularly is the Freedom Property Podcast, this week we found out more about local estate agent Andy Henderson of RE/MAX Dundee.

We also took the opportunity to film some videos for the socials, this included a mortgage market update and some smaller videos we have planned for Stories and Reels.

We try and put out as much information as possible, this can be time consuming but worthwhile, big fan of Gary Vaynerchuk and always trying to implement his marketing mindset.   

Friday: Property Network Event

Lots more calls today, new clients and old.  Being a property investor myself I really enjoy finding out about other property ventures from clients, also offering advice to new investors looking to get started. 

Also caught up with Paul Cummins today, we co-host Dundee's Property Network Event as part of the Scottish Property Podcast's events that run across Scotland.

These events take place on the first Wednesday of each month and involve property investors and developers from all walks of life. Great opportunity to learn about the industry. This months event we had property developer Eddie Wighton of InverTay Homes deliver a talk on his business.