In Your Shoes - Jessica Miller

Hello! I'm Jess Miller, Programme Manager for MCR Pathways. We are a charity that aims to provide an equality of educational outcomes, career opportunities and life chances for care experienced and young people experiencing disadvantage. We help young people explore their talents through a 1:1 relationship based mentoring programme. Starting of in 2007 in Glasgow, the programme is now being run in 15 different local authories. We have just started running the programme across all High Schools in Dundee in partnership with Dundee City Council.


Happy Monday! I always like to start my week off on a productive note and head to the gym first thing. I’m quite an active person and whilst working from home, I try to get out as much as possible to make the most of my day. 

I always like to go over my calendar for the week first thing on a Monday so I know what I need to prepare for. I follow up with some emails and check in with some of my colleagues who I work with on a daily/weekly basis to prepare for any meetings. Every second Monday I have a team meeting with other programme managers across the country. It's always great to hear the progress they are making and the success of the programme in different local authorities. 

The school’s finish up next week for the summer holidays, time flies by so quickly! I spend my afternoon in Morgan Academy, having a monthly meeting with one of my Pathways Coordinators. I love spending time with people on my team and seeing how they’re getting on. 


I had a little bit of a different Tuesday this week. We held a press event in partnership with Dundee City Council at Morgan Academy. I spent the morning smiling at a camera and cracking terrible jokes for some candid shots - think I’ll stick to the day job! We also featured in a news clip for STV News that evening. 

Tuesday’s are also team meeting days. I meet up with my coordinators to discuss any operational updates, share success stories and progress but most importantly, discuss potential mentor and mentee matches. We had two matches today which is always exciting!


As we’re still kicking things off in Dundee I find myself in a lot of introductory meetings with potential partners. Today is one of those days where I get to network with other organisations. It’s great to hear what other support is in place for disadvantaged young people across the city.

Coffee is always an essential to get through back to back meetings!


It’s great to finally get out and about again and meet up with people face to face. As a programme manager, I have the responsibility of overseeing the Young Talent Programme within our schools, but also to support our mentor recruitment. 

I have a couple meetings in the morning around mentor recruitment followed by attending Grove Academy’s guidance team meeting and visiting my old work in the afternoon - The Prince’s Trust! Part of my job I really enjoy is networking with other organisations to see how we can work together to provide the best support possible for our young people.


And breathe!! After being out and about for the majority of the week I have the day to catch up on some admin. 

Originally from the Scottish Borders, I’m also heading home for the weekend to catch up with some family and loved ones. Although I enjoy living in a city, nothing beats some fresh country air and the rolling hills of the Borders!