In Your Shoes - Chris Gilchrist

Chris has owned and operated web design and development businesses for over 20 years.

During that time he has produced projects for the likes of Vogue, IBM, Reuters Events, Diet Chef, Oxford University Press, Unipart, Gartner, NHS and Lookers as well as consulting for many ambitious SMEs and aspirational individuals.

Sunday - Wimbledon Tournament

West End Tennis Club hosted their annual Wimbledon Doubles Tournament. Lots of Wimbledon whites, strawberries and cream, baking, and Pimms. Some great tennis and socialising with friends and I managed to win the men’s trophy as a bonus.

Monday - Planning the week

Monday’s kick off with our core team having a call to review any new projects we have in, our ongoing project boards and calendars for the week ahead.

This week we have a mobile app to launch, a sprint to complete for our own health and safety app, Dunatis, plenty of website updates and to start designing and building a website and adapt the branding for the inspirational Nicolas Hamilton who is adding public speaking engagements to his busy motorsports schedule.

Tuesday - Hottest Day on Record

The team are busy completing the advanced reporting components for Dunatis and I have a busy day of calls, meetings, interviewing and product demos. 

After work it’s time to enjoy some aircon on a drive to Carnoustie to see my good friend Gus at Tayside Stringing Services and have a catch up while he gets my rackets set up for the rest of the season.

Wednesday - Mobile App Launch

We have a mid-week call to catch up, check project progress and ensure any delivery milestones are on schedule.

The team have 2 new mobile apps projects which need technical specification documents written up before we can plan out their build timelines. 

We also launch a mobile app we’ve produced for, G5 Technologies Ltd in Aberdeen which enables their managed Wi-Fi customers to easily run and submit diagnostic reports if they encounter any Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

Thursday - Dunatis Instalment Planning

The team is busy planning out a web platform which will support our client delivering surveys to their customers and present all the results into their reports automatically. 

I have a visit to the incredible Waters Edge building in the City Quay for a planning session with Stew and Sandy. We plan all the checks and schedules the building requires and we start to structure and populate the checks into their Dunatis admin portal so they can begin beta-testing the app for us.

Friday - Dunatis Deliveries

Today we received our Dunatis registration trademark certificate through as well as a delivery of new tags ready for our next series of instalments.

Our NFC tags are about the size of a 10p piece, paper thin, tearproof, waterproof, can be made tamper proof and are coded and locked ready for our customers to use. 

We also received some amazing news about getting through to the second round in an award we’ve been nominated for. A great end to a busy and successful week and looking forward to spending the weekend with my friends and family and hopefully fit in some tennis.