In Your Shoes - Matty Souter

Matty Souter is the Director at Ryse Web Design and SEO. Ryse creates premium websites for their clients using striking imagery and a contemporary flair, as well as utilising their copywriting, graphic design and SEO skills to ensure your brand best reflects your business, and gains the traffic it deserves. Matty's background is in Software Development and has worked with some of the biggest programming names in the area on various projects.

Monday: Failure to Prepare is Preparing to Fail!

It's a new week at Ryse and we have a few very exciting meetings to prepare for this week. Monday mornings are dedicated to catching up on emails and putting together proposals for our new clients and ensuring we are well prepared for any discussions. Today I am putting together a report for an SEO clients showing the growth of traffic to their website over the past 6 months due to the SEO effort we have made.

Tuesday: Surround Yourself with Motivating People

I cannot emphasise enough the impact it has when you surround yourself with people that are driven and motivated to succeed. I am incredibly fortune that I have two sisters both running their own successful businesses, a partner that works in the business with me, and a network of amazing coaches that help encourage me to do my best. Today I am meeting with my sister Jenny who owns Custom Cleans, to discuss our business goals going forward. Here we are pictured at this years Game Fair - a career highlight for me!

Wednesday: Meeting with Inspiring New Clients

Today I am meeting with a local entrepreneur to discuss adding some improvements and additional features to his website. This client works in the tech field, so is always looking for modern solutions to his own customers needs - so why shouldn't his website be the same! I love getting out of the office and meeting my clients face to face, so we're off for a coffee in what's left of the summer sun. 

Thursday: Improve on Your Brand

Those who have followed Ryse throughout the years know we have gone through a few branding ideas before landing on the one we were finally happy with. I try to make sure every week I allocate myself some time to work on the refresh of our own website, which I am hoping to launch in the winter. I use Adobe XD to create wireframes for my websites before I build them. This allows me to fully manipulate the design and try out new ideas before I begin the build. What do you think so far?

Friday: Finishing Up and Family Time

Fridays are important to me as I try to tidy up all the work I have been doing by around 2pm so I can pick my son up from nursery and enjoy some family time before the madness of the weekend - something I am truly grateful that I am able to do. This morning we are looking to finish a logo redesign that Caitlin has been working on for a new client, and following this we will look at our new business spreadsheets and create a strategy plan for the coming weeks.