In Your Shoes - Amber Farquhar


Today was a work from home day as I have the dentist later in the afternoon, woohoo to not having to deal with Monday traffic! 
I started my day by taking advantage of the quiet surroundings and started working on my KPI’s ahead of the operational board meeting tomorrow.  This took me quite a while gathering statistics for the month but it felt great to get it done as I’d been putting it off. We facilitated more than £6 million in trade for March!  
I took my dog Mylo for a walk before going to the dentist (…or should I say he took me for a walk), where he decided he would roll in mud as usual.  He always does this at the least convenient times! 
After the dentist, I returned from work and checked in with the team.  Export documents were being submitted so I helped first check them. 


Back in the office today and I’m on the open! We started the day by having our operational KPI meeting with the team and Lorraine who's on our Board. It was great to hear how other members of the team are getting on and to review our figures for the past months in comparison to previous years.   
After our meeting ended, I returned to my desk and caught up with any pending documents and declarations that needed completing. 
In the afternoon, I took one of the electric bikes (who we've named Hardly-Davidson) to post the issued docs down by The Quay. I took a slight detour past the Tay and enjoyed the beautiful view. 
I then spend the day rest of the afternoon chasing outstanding invoices! 


Today was the day of our weekly team ‘Stand-Up’ meeting.  This is my favourite day of the week as we get to come together and share our positives.  It’s a great opportunity to bounce ideas off one another and also to see if anyone needs help with any projects. 
After the stand-up meeting, I had lunch with James and Simone where we played our daily game of Uno.  These games get really competitive at times. I lost and had to deal with James’ smug look for the rest of the day. 
After lunch we caught up with any pending documentation and declarations, I completed an import for goods coming in from Denmark. 


Today was another busy day for the International Team!

We arrived at the office and logged into our eCert platform to see more documents than normal waiting to be issued! We cracked on and got them done as we had a ChamberCustoms Zoom meeting in the afternoon, - it was a deep dive this week! 
We then spent the rest of the afternoon re-organizing the office and Member's Lounge. We made some space upstairs for us to enjoy a quiet time for lunch and more space downstairs for members.   


Today was a quiet-ish day, which we welcomed after the last few busy days!

I spent the day going over our website and updating any older content.  I then went on to update our export request template to include new changes to export requirements.  The new form really speeds up our processes and ensures we always have the correct data! 

We managed to finish everything on our to-do lists before the weekend - time to turn on my automatic replies and head out!!