In Your Shoes - Lauren Cain

Monday Madness

Kingennie Monday's tend to be a day of catching up after our busy weekend of weddings and events.

On Monday's, we always have our head of department operations meeting and an event meeting afterwards. We create our event sheets two weeks in advance and go over the week's events and the following week's events. We do this two weeks at a time, so we are always cross-checking the events.

Today was slightly more exciting for us as we were invited to Angus Alchemy to sample some drinks so we could create a package to offer our lovely couples. The drinks tasted great, and we left feeling extremely happy. Of course, the coordinators had to sample some of the different seating options. 

TikTok Tuesday's

Today, I was involved in creating some social media content with our Marketing Manager, Charlotte. It is fair to say I don't think I will have a career in influencing anytime soon.

I quickly returned to my desk to answer Wedding and Corporate enquiries. I had two wedding meetings today to discuss the final wedding details for two couples. 

Wednesday - Office Chill Out Day

Wednesday is an office day; it is usually filled with lots of Coffee to help us get through our emails. A break from the office is often needed to admire the great view from our bar decking. 

Today, I had a great meeting with a potential new corporate client who is looking to hold several meetings in our event spaces/lodges. We are working hard to provide a high end service for new corporate clients, we have created brand-new packages to offer our corporate guests and lodges at discounted rates! 

Thursday - Early Starts

Thursday is BNI morning, always an early start at 5.30am. This week was extra special as it was the first week with the new membership committee, I am lucky enough now to hold the Lead Visitor Host title for this year. We feel very lucky to hold BNI within the resort and ensure everyone is well-fuelled for the meeting and the day ahead. 

Friday - Wedding Day!

Friday's are almost always a WEDDING DAY! 

We love it when we have been working with our couples for years, getting to know them and their families, and their day finally arrives!! 

Today, I helped set up the wedding and coordinated the day. I work a lot in the office, so I jump at any chance I get to be operational. The day ran so smoothly and the couple were extremely thankful for all the team who worked on the day. We tend to do anything from holding umbrellas, calming down the bride / groom / bridesmaids, chatting with families, sewing dresses, and ensuring everything runs at the correct time. There is always such a great buzz on a wedding day, and although it is stressful, it is such a great feeling to see such an amazing day come together. 

Today was just the start of a 3 wedding weekend for us, this tends to be the trend from April - October. We are ready for another busy wedding season to commence.