Arab Certificate of Origin

The Arab-British Chamber of Commerce (A-BCC) is a not-for profit membership organisation established in 1975 under the General Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture for the Arab Countries.

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Arab Export Documents

Arab Export Documents

Export documentation for trading with Arab League nations.

The Arab British Chambers of Commerce (A-BCC) use a unique, bilingual (English/Arabic) Certificate of Origin which conforms to international regulations and is accepted by all governments. Swift processing of documentation is ensured by the Chamber's nationwide network consisting of Agent Chambers who verify documents prior to submission to the ABCC for certification. The Chamber's close links with the Arab Embassies in London also facilitates prompt processing of your documentation. If requested, A-BCC are able to facilitate legalisation of commercial documents by consular sections of the Arab Embassies.


Arab League export documentation pricing can vary depending on the market you are trading with and the service your require (i.e. certification or legalising of documents). Please contact us for specific pricing.

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Documentation for Arab Nations

Arab Certificate of Origin applications and legalising requests can be sent to Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce through the online eCert System

For a guide to Arab Embassy requirements and Embassy legalisation fees, please see

You will see that each country makes reference to Stream I and Stream II. Stream I means that the document is certified only by the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce. Stream II means that the document is legalised and certified by the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce. For some countries, you have the option of Stream I or Stream II, for others you do not.

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Certified Training

Learn how and when to use an Arab Certificate of Origin in our Certified International Trade Training Course. Learn all about Export Documentation, Customs Procedures, Incoterms and more. 30 hours of self-paced, self-directed online learning spanning 6 crucial international trade topics to help you get to grips with the technical side of cross-border trading

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