International Trade FAQs


Can you clear goods at customs?

We offer a full Customs Clearance service for traders in the Tayside area. The basic cost for this service is £55 per import declaration and £25 per export - speak to us for full pricing.

What is the tariff code for

We can't tell you which commodity code for import or export however, you can use the HMRC Tariff Tool to select an appropriate commodity code for export or import.

Do I need an export declaration for goods going to northern ireland?

To move goods to Northern Ireland, you will need an XI EORI and access to the Trader Support Service (TSS) to complete an import declaration into northern ireland. There is no export declaration required for goods leaving GB for NI. There is no export or import declaration required for goods moving from NI to GB unless they originated in the EU.

Do you issue apostilles?

We can facilitate the issuing of an Apostille. Please email 

Can you issue an EUR1?

We can issue EUR1's. This is done on our eCert platform . These cost £58 for non-members and £29 for members

Can an EUR1 be a substitute for Certificate of Origin

We can issue EUR1's. This is done on our eCert platform. These cost £58 for non-members and £29 for members. Please note, an EUR1 is not a substitute for a Certificate of Origin.

What documents do I need to attach to a Certificate of Origin application?

The minimum you must attached to a Certificate of Origin is a commercial invoice. If you goods are of foreign origin, you must attach evidence of this - such as the manufacturers invoice, a statement from the manufacturer on headed paper or the origin Certificate of Origin used when importing the goods.

Can anyone locally help me move goods?

Yes. Kinnes Shipping have been moving goods since 1883 and are based in Dundee.

Can you issue an Arab Certificate of Origin?

Yes. We can issue Arab Certificate of Origin's through our online portal. The price for this service varies.

Can you certify a document?

We can certify the signature on a physical or digital document. This costs £58 for non-members and £29 for members

Can you issue a Certificate of Origin?

We can issue Certificate of Origin documents. Standard service for this is £58 for non-members and £29 for members.

When are the live sessions held for the International Trade Course?

Live sessions are held at the end of each month via Microsoft Teams

How do I sign up to the International Trade Course?

You can register for the International Trade Course on our website

Can I take the International Trade Course at any time?

Yes. The international trade course is a blended learning course consisting of a mix of elearning and live sessions. You can jump in at any point.

Do I get a qualification from the International Trade Course?

Yes. Our International Trade Course provides delegates with a certificate. This is a Vocational Qualification issued by the British Chambers of Commerce

How much does the international trade course cost

Our international trade course costs £500 for members and £600 for non-members.

Can I join the International Members Group?

To become a part of the international members group, please email 

Will you help me develop overseas trade?

We will provide opportunities for you to develop or enter new overseas markets. We do this through inward and outward trade missions in partnership with Scottish Government, SDI and Scottish Chambers of Commerce.

Are there any businesses that can manage export documents for me?

Yes. Freight forwarders can manage export documents for you.