Membership FAQs


How do I access my account?

You'll need a username and password.

If you've never accessed the Member Dashboard before, please register here .
If you've forgotten your password, please request a password reset


Where can I get an up to date Membership certificate?

You can download a copy by logging into the Member Dashboard.

What payment options are there for paying for Membership?

The Chamber offers a few options for paying for your Membership. You can pay by invoice, debit/credit card online or by Direct Debit. 

Where do I find my Quest login details?

If you manage the Chamber Membership for your organisation, you can grab your Quest login details by accessing the Member Dashboard and selecting Organisation Details.

Once you have your Quest details you can login here

How long does Chamber Membership last?

Chamber Membership is an annual rolling subscription. The default term is 1 year. You can pay in advance if you prefer - talk to a team member to set this up or for more information.

Can I meet someone to discuss my membership?

Absolutely. Please contact so we can set-up a meeting.

How do I register to take part in a video interview?

To sign up to take part in a Take a Seat interview, nip into your Member Dashboard and click Sign up to Become a Contributor from the menu.

Where do I find my Chamber Membership number?

You can find your Membership number on your Chamber Membership certificate, issued each year. You can get a copy of your Membership certificate in the Member Dashboard.

How do I register to write an In Your Shoes blog?

If you'd like to write an In Your Shoes article, please login to your Member Dashboard and select Sign Up to Become a Contributor

Where do I send my news for the website?

You can submit news from your Member Dashboard or, email it to 

I'm already a member of another Chamber, can I join your Chamber as well?

Yes. You can join as many Chambers as you like.

Where can I find information about Chamber Membership?

For information about the benefits of Membership and how to join, please visit our Membership page or, contact

How do I cancel my Membership

To cancel your Membership, please get in touch with our Membership Team on 01382 228545 or