Stagecoach Survey Shows Commuters Can Save Around £150 Per Month By Using the Bus


20th January 2012

Travelling by bus instead of commuting by car could save drivers around £150 a month, according to new research carried out by Stagecoach.

The annual saving is enough to pay household fuel bills for an entire year.

The research coincides with other recent studies which show that motoring and living costs have continued to soar over the past year. The cost of driving to work has increased by 21% over the past 12 months, while the amount of traffic using the country's roads has dropped as commuters find it increasingly difficult to meet rising motoring costs.

Stagecoach Group Chief Executive Sir Brian Souter said: 'Rocketing motoring costs and household bills are squeezing living standards for many families across Britain. This survey shows that people can save hundreds of pounds a year by switching from the car to the bus as well as avoiding the stress of being stuck in traffic jams on their way to and from work.'

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