SCC Comment on BCC Economic Survey


19th April 2012

Commenting on the publication of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) Quarterly Economic Survey for the first Quarter of 2012, Liz Cameron, Chief Executive of Scottish Chambers of Commerce (SCC), said:

'This latest British Chambers of Commerce survey, covering the first quarter of this year, reveals a clear divide in Scotland between the fortunes of our manufacturing and service sectors.  Whilst our manufacturers seem to be faring better than their competitors in other parts of the UK, our service sector appears to be struggling to find a path back to growth.

'This survey presents a mixed picture of the Scottish economy and it is important to focus on the positives whilst learning lessons from the negatives.  Scottish Chambers of Commerce will be drilling down further into Scotland's economic data next week when we publish our own Quarterly Business Survey as we look to provide a clearer picture of where the Scottish economy stands at this time.

'What is clear is that our economy is not yet out of the woods.  Governments at a UK and Scottish level have responded positively to business demands for a greater focus on capital spending over the past year, but it is clear that additional shorter term solutions may be required in the light of this year's expected shallow levels of growth.'

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