A SMART Way to Fund Your Projects


11th May 2012

Enterprise Europe Network sees a lot of companies with ingenious, pioneering ideas up their sleeves but who struggle to get them off the drawing board due to a lack of cash. SMART: SCOTLAND could be the answer.

Determining whether a new product or service is technically or commercially viable can be a costly business. SMART can help by providing grants of up to £600,000 for new projects.

Vicki Ronaldson SMART: SCOTLAND Programme Executive said: 'The SMART: SCOTLAND scheme has been supporting technologically innovative and commercially viable projects for 20 years. Many of our funded projects would not have gone ahead without this intervention, due to the technical risk, which can make it tricky to attract funding. Applications are accepted at any time and SMART: SCOTLAND's case officers provide guidance throughout the application process,'

For more information, including an initial enquiry form, visit the SMART: SCOTLAND website.

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