Government Urged to Optimise Economic Impact of Procurement Cash by Scottish Chambers of Commerce


13th August 2012

The Scottish Chambers of Commerce have given a cautious welcome to the Scottish Government's moves towards reforming the way the public sector buys goods and services, to improve the positive impact that this spending can have on Scotland's economy.

Liz Cameron, Scottish Chambers of Commerce Chief Executive, commented:

'Scottish Chambers of Commerce have been pressing the Scottish Government for some time to take action to ensure that public bodies adhere to best practice in procurement.  As chair of the Supplier Engagement working Group, I have led the fight to ensure that Scottish businesses' interests lie at the heart of the reform process.

'We have worked in partnership to successfully deliver significant reforms, but there remains more to do to ensure that the impact of public procurement as an economic lever is optimised.  We therefore welcome this consultation as the next step in the procurement reform process. 

'The proposals currently on the table are broad in their scope, but on behalf of businesses across Scotland I will be campaigning to make sure that boosting economic growth is the focus of the Scottish Government's legislation.

'The Scottish business community is working hard to drive our economic recovery, and the Scottish Government should be doing all it can to support that.  The money the public sector spends on goods and services has the potential to be a significant economic lever.  For the Government to achieve its stated priority of sustainable economic growth, it must focus its energies on maximising the positive impact of procurement spend on Scotland's economy by maximising the opportunities Scottish businesses have win public contracts.

'Scottish Chambers of Commerce intend to work with our members and the business community to ensure that this legislation delivers for Scottish businesses.'

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