Star-Dundee's Technology Going to Mercury


20th February 2013

The offshoot of University of Dundee's SpaceWire will be fundamental to a new space probe's trip to closest planet to the sun.

In 2015, a joint European and Japanese space mission will be launched to explore the planet Mercury - the smallest and least explored planet in our solar system - and Star-Dundee is set to play a major role in the venture.

The firm's SpaceWire hardware will be fundamental to the success of an unmanned space probe called Bepicolombo that is due to orbit Mercury in January 2022.

Professor Steve Parkes, managing director of Star-Dundee and a director at the Space Technology Centre at the University of Dundee, said SpaceWire was hardware which acts as a spacecraft's nervous system to connect much of Bepicolombo's on-board computing technology.

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