GS Insurance and Financial Services Opens For Business In Dundee


5th June 2013

Increasing staffing levels by more than 15%.

GS Insurance and Financial Services has created eight new jobs as its Dundee office at the City Quay opens its doors this month.

The jobs, in financial services and administration, bolsters the Perth-headquartered firm\'s employees to 55 - the highest number in its 22-year history. 

The move into Dundee is viewed as a significant stage in its evolution with the City of Discovery poised to become an area of major business interest over the next few years. 

The company\'s founder and managing director George Stubbs said: \'I think that business in Dundee has started to accelerate and we want to have a secure base in the city. We secured more than £1million worth of business in Dundee last year and this provided the impetus to base ourselves there. We are looking forward immensely to doing a lot of business in the city over the coming years.\'

The Tayside operations of GS Insurance Services and GS Financial ( the Independent Financial advice side of the business) are based at South Inch Business Centre in Shore Road, Perth, and 7a City Quay, Dundee. 

The organisation offers a wide range of services for corporate and commercial clients including risk management, health and safety compliance and motor insurance. 

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