All female Angus business secures Aldi coveted spot


8th January 2021

A brand-new spirit range from the Best Artisan Drinks Producer 2020 (Scottish Rural Awards) Gin Bothy, Hipflask Spirits, launches today, Friday 8th January 2021.

Hipflask Sloe Bramble has already been selected as one of Aldi’s next top products and will be available in all Scottish stores in spring this year.

Based in Angus, Gin Bothy was founded in 2015 by drinks entrepreneur Kim Cameron. Using traditional methods of production every bottle is numbered, batched and poured by hand. Gin Bothy is now one of Scotland’s premium gin brands, producing 60,000 units in 2020.

Under the Bothy trading label Hipflask is a separate brand with a Sloe Bramble liqueur and a full strength Golden Spiced Rum launching today, and a blended whisky in 2022.












Drinks entrepreneur Kim Cameron trademarked the new venture years ago looking to introduce it to the Bothy portfolio but hadn’t had the time until 2020 presented the opportunity amidst the chaos.

Kim said: “Hipflask Spirits launches today, in 2021 but it’s been in the pipeline for years. The challenges of 2020 gave me a little bit of space for new projects that had been on the back burner but now had time to flourish.

“Throughout 2020 I was inspired by the way in which people found joy in the outdoors and in pursuits that nourished the soul. This helped drive forward the creation of the brand with the idea of Hipflask Spirts coming from a portable, lighter weight 20cl bottle that can be easily carried in an inside pocket or bag. This is a drink that can be taken on any activity, whether that’s hillwalking, wild swimming or stargazing. Hipflask is the spirit of 2021, the spirit of adventure.”

Advised against launching during a global pandemic, Kim still decided to forge ahead. She said: “Over the past five years Gin Bothy has created 14 rural jobs and I am very proud that despite all 2020 threw at us, those 14 jobs are secure. The lion’s share of Gin Bothy positioning is done through events such as the Royal Highland Show. With all of those cancelled we had to rethink and make decisions quickly and effectively to ensure survival of our small, all female team.

“The creation of Hipflask is very much part of that survival but is also a chance to spread our creative wings. This is a brand we can try more with, play around with and have fun with, but is also one that provides more security for our existing team.”

With an entirely different strategy to big brother brand Gin Bothy, which has said no to supermarkets for years and is still not a route for the handcrafted brand, it does fit with the Hipflask series as it can be made in larger quantities. Aldi has selected the Sloe Bramble Spirit as one of its top 2021 products, available in their Scottish stores early spring.

Kim said: “The Hipflask Spirits’ branding harnesses the code for the road, a series of symbols and markings that are made to communicate helpful messages on the road less travelled, such as ‘bothy close by’ or ‘fish here’. We firmly believe a good road lies ahead and for those with a thirst for adventure we hope Hipflask Spirits will be with them as they forge their own path.”

The Sloe Bramble spirit brings the richness of autumn berries in a fruity liqueur perfect neat on an adventure. Golden Spiced Rum, a full-strength spiced rum with orange undertones, is sweet enough to drink on the rocks.

The first release of Sloe Bramble RRP £15 and Golden Spiced Rum RRP £18 are available in a 20cl bottle from and from Amazon.


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Gin Bothy Ltd

Inspired by Bothies of the past, Gin Bothy favour the old fashioned approach. We infuse our Gins with local seasonal fruits in extremely small batches, working through the process by hand at each step.

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