Bonaccord Named as UK Life Science Law Firm of the Year Twice


6th August 2013

Bonaccord have won the UK Life Science Law Firm of the Year award at both the Acquisition International M&A awards and the ACQ Global Awards.

Patricia Barclay, Bonaccord founder, said \'These accolades are particularly welcome as neither were solicited and so were a delightful surprise. I am thrilled that we are receiving this recognition from the investor and deal-making community and am very grateful to all those who have nominated us, voted for us or who have offered supportive testimony to the magazines\' researchers. These awards are certainly inspiring us to try in every way to up our game - a beginning, not a time to be complacent.\'

Bonaccord have set up a new website at which is more interactive and will allow you to sign up directly for our blog or newsletters and to take part in discussions on topical issues.

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