Energy services firm moves into health sector


21st January 2021

A Tayside energy services firm has adapted its specialist technology for use in hospitals battling Covid-19.

Dundee based Starn Group manufactures a range of equipment including pressurised habitats to deliver safe working environments in traditionally hazardous areas.

However, working in collaboration with the NHS, the firm has moved into the health sector and is installing its new range of products in hospitals in Dundee and across the UK.

As the Covid-19 pandemic grew, project manager for Starn Group, James Downie said the firm had looked at ways it could help the NHS.

He said: “The Safehouse habitats we provide the energy sector are used for welding activities offshore and we have inline gas monitoring systems, so the air that’s fed into the habitat is monitored continuously.

“We create an overpressure in the habitat where hot work or welding is taking place and this pushes any hydrocarbons away from the ignition source which protects the person working within them.

“It also keeps the air free from toxic and flammable gases, so if any hydrocarbons are detected in the clean air, the sensor closes the damper and maintains the integrity of the habitat.

“We harnessed this technology and adapted it to provide safe environments for health-care staff and patients.”

Next, after working with the NHS on design and construction standards, the Starn Group, of which Safehouse is a member, launched its SafeClinic and SafeRoom products.

The SafeClinic is a standalone temporary negative pressure isolation pod with an airlock door which can isolate infections patients.

You can read the full article from Jim Millar over on The Courier website

Starn Group

Starn Group is a private equity-backed group of businesses focused on safety and delivering economic benefit to its customers.  It achieves this with a portfolio of technology-led products and services engineered to protect people working in hazardous environments including offshore and onshore oil and gas production facilities, shipping and other marine assets, chemical processing plants, distilleries and food production and processing factories, utilities and water treatment works. These businesses include Safehouse Habitats and Sabre Safety Services.

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