Dundee Communities Thanked as Families Await Re-Opening of The Yard


26th January 2021

A Dundee drop-in centre, providing play services for disabled children, young people and their families, is thanking the local community for its festive generosity.

Although currently closed due to COVID, The Yard, which opened in 2015, operates from temporary, shared premises at Rainbow House, Drumlanrig Place, offering creative and adventurous play for children and their siblings.

On the approach to Christmas, The Yard raised £14,000 across its services in Dundee, Kirkcaldy and Edinburgh, instead of a more typical £4,000.

For just a few pounds, families could order a personalised video or letter for their child from Santa. The video also featured ‘Signalong’ or ‘Makaton’, signing used by people with additional speech, language and communication needs. As well as donations from its families, The Yard also received numerous standalone donations from the general public.

Gill Thomson, Service Development Manager said, “Christmas was undoubtedly very different last year, particularly for children who could normally enjoy parties and grotto visits. However, fundraising was also very different, with no supermarket, school fete or church collections. However, thanks to the generosity of our local community, we can be there for disabled children and their families as we welcome this new year. For now, that needs to be online support but we can’t wait to welcome families back into our centres in the weeks ahead.”

One of the Dundee families looking forward to restrictions being lifted is Nicola, Ross and Leo Donnelly. Leo (3), who was born at 26 weeks, has cerebral palsy and visual impairment. Having become regulars at The Yard last year, Nicola was already starting to see changes in her son.

Nicola explained, “We enjoyed all of the usual baby and toddler activities with Leo like baby sensory, soft play and swimming but, as he grew, so did the gap between him and his peers. We realised he needed more care but also an environment where he could be himself, enjoy a safe space and just thrive. The first thing that struck me about The Yard was how welcoming and enthusiastic the staff were. Beyond an initial application form, we didn’t have to explain anything or download our story, which can be so hard for families to do again and again. We were accepted from the word ‘go’. The staff really know how to get the best out of Leo and tell us he’s making real progress, becoming bolder and trying new things, things he might not do at home. From a parent’s perspective, we sometimes exhale when we walk in the door. It’s just a relief to know that Leo can be Leo there and, similarly, if my husband or I are having a low day, it doesn’t matter. That environment is crucial when you have a child with additional needs. As a working mum, it’s also fantastic that The Yard was open at weekends – we simply can’t wait to return!”

For more information, visit www.theyardscotland.org.uk 

The Yard

The Yard is a Scottish charity supporting disabled children and young people, and their families, through adventure play.

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