Clarity about Circularity


16th February 2021

Welcome to issue 2 of Clarity about Circularity, a new blog series by MDG Group! Over the coming weeks and months we will take you on our sustainability journey and give you an insight into life at MDG. Throughout the series you will hear from all of the team, as well as some of our customers about their own success stories in sustainability and circularity.

Circular Tayside is an initiative set up between Zero Waste Scotland, Perthshire Chamber of Commerce, and Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce, which MDG Group are very proud and excited to be involved in as official ambassadors. The primary objective is to support local businesses in their movement towards a Circular Economy. This is achieved by providing information and learning resources, helping with idea generation and advising of funding and other opportunities available to anyone looking to participate.

So where to start? For many businesses, the first thought is to reduce energy consumption, which we have covered in our Triple A Plan – we will take a detailed look at this in our blog next week. In the case of Circular Economy, the most important area to target is the reduction of virgin material use and waste management according to the waste hierarchy. This is key as the major message from Circular Economy is to reduce the reliance on virgin materials by reusing, remanufacturing, and reimagining equipment already in circulation which would have otherwise been deemed as waste and not used to its full potential. For example, although wood can be recycled, it is much better if wooden furniture is designed with durability in mind and sold through a circular "ownership" model where the furniture could be returned for repair, remanufacturing or reselling before the product is ultimately at the point of recycling.

Since getting involved with Circular Tayside, we have been lucky enough to meet like-minded individuals and businesses sharing their own journeys and success stories – it is clear that the path to circularity is different for everyone. Meetings are always very enjoyable, with lots of discussion and opportunities to learn how MDG Group can improve our practices. A major focus of the group has been on the Circular Tayside Charter, which provides participants with targets and incentives to aid their circular push. We were delighted to take part in its creation and look forward to seeing businesses grow and develop through the Charter!

Being involved in Circular Tayside has given us lots of different ideas and solutions for how we can help and support your business to become more circular, if you have any questions please get in touch!

Written by: Christian Williams and Sam Grace

Circular Tayside

Circular Tayside is delivered by Zero Waste Scotland, Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce and Perthshire Chamber of Commerce. Circular Tayside is an initiative that: Raises awareness of the circular economy, the role the local businesses have to play in it, and how they will benefit. Facilitates collaboration amongst the local business community to enable our circular economy to develop. Supports individual businesses as they begin to identify and implement new and innovative approaches to businesses that support a transition to a circular economy Brings together a group of Circular Tayside Ambassadors who will be leaders in their sectors and champions of the circular economy.

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At Here's The Plan, we help businesses to optimise utility & telecoms costs, understand & comply with regulations, and plan for Net-Zero by becoming more sustainable!

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