Udrafter Top 20 Marketing Interns - priority access


17th February 2021

Udrafter is hosting a marketing-focused competition where through a series of challenges and projects students and recent graduates will compete for a place on the Udrafter TOP 20 Marketing Interns list. The aim is to highlight and pair young exciting talent with organisations across the marketing sector.

How do I see the list when it's ready?

If you are interested simply register your interest here and receive further information.

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to get EXCLUSIVE first access to the TOP 20 Marketing Interns list, Simply post an unlisted role on Udrafter by the 25th to get the list 48 hours before it is public distributed.

Also, if you post a project and make an offer to an intern before the 4th of March we will give you £50 off the total cost of the project.


Udrafter Ltd

Udrafter is an online micro-internship platform where businesses get on-demand access to student talent, and students are paid to complete degree relevant projects.

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