NCR Dundee to recruit dozens of graduates


22nd February 2021

NCR plans to increase its workforce in Dundee this year with extensive graduate and intern recruitment.

Despite the pandemic causing business disruption and the majority of staff working from home, NCR Dundee continued with its planned graduate and intern schemes last year.

This year the firm is planning to give opportunities to 30 graduates and 12 interns and is also advertising for other key positions.

Carol Hamilton, NCR’s programme management director, said the company had an ethos of cultivating young talent to help bring new ideas and keep innovating.

She said: “We see graduates and interns as an investment in our future, the backbone for innovation and how we are going to stay ahead in the market.

“I’ve been amazed with some of the ideas graduates and interns come up with in partnership with our more experienced staff.

“Even though we were in a pandemic, we didn’t want to lose the momentum we’d gained with local universities and decided to press ahead lastyear.

“We had 14 graduates and 14 interns in 2020 and the programmes were run virtually rather than in person.

“Some of their friends were saying their placements had been deferred or cancelled. We didn’t want to do that.

“We see the real value that they will bring to the business and this year we are continuing our growth trajectory.”

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