Clarity about Circularity - The Triple A Plan


23rd February 2021

Welcome to issue 3 of Clarity about Circularity, a new blog series by MDG Group! Over the coming weeks and months, we will take you on our sustainability journey and give you an insight into life at MDG. Throughout the series, you will hear from all of the team, as well as some of our customers on their own success stories in sustainability and circularity.

Working with Circular Tayside and speaking with different ambassadors made us question what more we could be doing at MDG to promote a circular and sustainable culture both within our own business and with our customers. With this in mind, we have developed a plan for business energy sustainability – The Triple A Plan – detailing the three-step process of Accountability, Awareness, and Action that an organisation has in realising this. We believe that businesses have a duty to ensure that they are acting in a responsible manner that is healthy and beneficial for the environment, and the Triple A Plan was created with this philosophy in mind.

We have very much learned about circularity on-the-job and it has become increasingly apparent that we are uniquely placed to help other businesses achieve sustainability goals through energy procurement, monitoring and consumption. The Triple A Plan provokes questions about your operations and inspires actions to ensure all your decisions are made beneficial to our planet.

The Accountability section of the Plan asks what your business can do to play a significant part in the transition towards a Circular Economy, before giving solutions. MDG will pinpoint specific areas of your business where you may be able to reduce consumption, and of course arrange competitive 100% renewable energy contracts on your behalf.

It is imperative to keep internal and external stakeholders well informed of changes to your business and the benefits that this will yield. To achieve this MDG Group have set up a Green Team (more on this in the coming weeks!) which we are very excited about to help drive our sustainability movement. We also provide our green customers with official certification confirming that their business is powered by 100% green energy to help communicate your commitment to sustainability.

Finally, the Plan advises how, through your own Action, you can achieve your circularity and sustainability goals. There are a number of simple changes that you can make, like going paperless, switching to a green energy plan, or having a smart meter installed to help track consumption and reduce waste. It is essential that we all do our bit for our planet, and it feels great knowing that we are making a difference!

To get your copy of the Triple A Plan and find out more about how MDG Group can help your business, please get in touch!

Written by: Christian Williams and Sam Grace

Circular Tayside

Circular Tayside is delivered by Zero Waste Scotland, Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce and Perthshire Chamber of Commerce. Circular Tayside is an initiative that: Raises awareness of the circular economy, the role the local businesses have to play in it, and how they will benefit. Facilitates collaboration amongst the local business community to enable our circular economy to develop. Supports individual businesses as they begin to identify and implement new and innovative approaches to businesses that support a transition to a circular economy Brings together a group of Circular Tayside Ambassadors who will be leaders in their sectors and champions of the circular economy.

Here's The Plan Ltd

At Here's The Plan, we help businesses to optimise utility & telecoms costs, understand & comply with regulations, and plan for Net-Zero by becoming more sustainable!

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