Preparing for Reopening with Remote Learning - REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene


5th March 2021

Nina Fairweather is a REHIS approved trainer who has worked in the international hotel and catering industry for over twenty years. She has many years of experience developing and delivering safety training programmes. As a freelance Safety & Health Practitioner at Fairweather Safety Consulting based in Dundee, she advises businesses on the management of food hygiene and occupational safety and health including how to be 'Covid-secure'.

Nina is currently offering Remote Learning for Elementary Food Hygiene, the standard Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) course for staff and volunteers handling food in the workplace. This course is a requirement for staff and volunteers who handle ‘open food’ in the workplace, i.e. if they are involved in any of the following activities: purchase/ delivery, storage, preparation, cooking and serving of ‘high risk’ food (meat, dairy products, eggs, fish and cooked rice), including direct sale businesses. Food hygiene training is important as it ensures that both staff and customers are kept safe, first and foremost. Receiving training ensures that the staff within a business understand best practice and procedures, in order to effectively meet their duties. Up-to-date food hygiene training, including the renewal of food hygiene certificates, prevents cross-contamination, poisoning and allergic reactions. It also minimises food wastage, and supports the achievement to display 'PASS' following a food hygiene inspection under the Food Hygiene Information Scheme (FHIS). The environmental, financial and safety benefits of food hygiene training ensure that a business can run smoothly and safely.

This REHIS course is currently delivered remotely, as a virtual training session. Participants will require access to a PC or device which connects to the internet. A working Webcam, microphone and speaker and good internet connection is essential, together with minimal distractions whilst online.

Elementary Food Hygiene Course Information

Now includes relevant information on Covid -19 throughout course

• introduction to food hygiene
• bacteria and their characteristics
• incidence of food poisoning and its prevention
• personal hygiene and working habits of the food handler
• the working environment
• cleaning practices
• common food pests and their control
• food safety legislation, including new legislation on allergen information on pre-packed for direct sale (PPDS) foods

Course Length 6 hours (2 x 3 hour sessions, over 2 days) + 1 hour to be allocated at the end of the final day for the multiple choice assessment.

Certification Certificate from the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS)

Certification process

• This Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) Elementary Food Hygiene course requires satisfactory completion of a multiple choice assessment before the certificate can be issued.
• At the end of the course the Training Centre will issue multiple choice questions to the candidate by email at the start of the exam, who opens the link and completes the exam whilst the invigilator is watching live. When the candidate submits their results at the end of the form, the completed paper comes back to the Training centre for marking.
• Candidates should ensure they are in a room on their own and are advised that they will be invigilated via the Webcam.
• Candidates will be expected to rotate their camera round to show to the Presenter that they are in a room on their own with the course book closed.

Cost: £65 +VAT per person, inclusive of course book, examination, certification and postage.

Ensure your catering team is certified before re-opening the doors.

Contact Nina for more information about course dates or other safety support, via email or call her on 07785 790000.


Fairweather Safety Consulting

Fairweather Safety Consulting delivers workable and pragmatic solutions to help businesses comply with legislative Health & Safety, Food Hygiene/HACCP and Legionella requirements. Currently supporting businesses with Covid-19 specific risk assessments.

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