Clarity about Circularity Issue 7: Student Intern Experience


22nd March 2021

Welcome to issue 7 of Clarity About Circularity, a blog series by MDG Group. So far, we have discussed our sustainability journey, our role with Circular Tayside, green energy, and the Triple A Plan detailing your Accountability, Awareness and Action as a business aiming to become more circular and environmentally friendly.

If you have missed any of these please get in touch using the contact details below and we can send you a copy!

This week, our post is brought to you by Komal Mahmood, who has been working as an intern with us as part of her studies at the University of Dundee.


My name is Komal Mahmood, I am in my second year studying Business Management at the University of Dundee. I am currently in my last week of being an intern at MDG. In the following I will talk about my experiences and what it’s like to be an intern at MDG.

At the start of this internship, I was very nervous and lacked confidence about being able to perform well however, I have been working with Christian Williams and Sam Grace and they have been very welcoming, understanding and helped me to work towards the goals I have set for myself at the start.

I was given the chance to create a PESTLE analysis on the factors influencing green energy services in relation to the Triple A Plan and produce a leads tracker on potential businesses that already take the green environment into consideration in their day to day business and could benefit from the services MDG provide. I enjoyed this very much as it allowed me to work independently, present my own findings and also gave me an insight of how businesses are doing their part to be more environmentally friendly.








Throughout my internship, I was able to develop on many skills and most importantly work towards achieving my goal of becoming more confident. I tend to be a little shy and quiet however, through weekly meetings with my mentors and being able to join team meetings, I became more comfortable and confident in speaking. I was given a great opportunity to do a mock interview with the company directors, which seemed daunting at first but was actually quite informal and relaxed yet still professional at the same time. It was a really good experience for me to gain insight on how a professional interview takes place for future jobs and a real boost for my confidence as everyone seemed to be quite impressed with my answers.

Overall, I am really glad that I was able to become a part of MDG Group as everyone that I got a chance to speak to were really friendly and welcoming. I got the opportunity to learn new things such as how important it is for a business to be sustainable and try to run their business in the most environmentally friendly way possible. I was able to work on my confidence, communication skills, professionalism and social skills which will be very beneficial to me through the rest of my years at university and future jobs. I would be delighted to take up any other arising opportunity to work with MDG Group in the future again.

Written by: Komal Mahmood

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Circular Tayside

Circular Tayside is delivered by Zero Waste Scotland, Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce and Perthshire Chamber of Commerce. Circular Tayside is an initiative that: Raises awareness of the circular economy, the role the local businesses have to play in it, and how they will benefit. Facilitates collaboration amongst the local business community to enable our circular economy to develop. Supports individual businesses as they begin to identify and implement new and innovative approaches to businesses that support a transition to a circular economy Brings together a group of Circular Tayside Ambassadors who will be leaders in their sectors and champions of the circular economy.

Here's The Plan Ltd

At Here's The Plan, we help businesses to optimise utility & telecoms costs, understand & comply with regulations, and plan for Net-Zero by becoming more sustainable!

University of Dundee

Nobel Prize winning poet and honorary graduate Seamus Heaney has described the University of Dundee as ‘having its head in the clouds and its feet firmly on the ground.’ The ability to be both aspirational and down-to earth and to blend ground-breaking intellectual achievement with practical applications, has given the University its distinctive character.

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