Greenhill HR makes a donation to ACD Transition to Trade


23rd March 2021

Alexander Community Development is delighted to receive a donation of £1000 from Greenhill HR towards our Transition to Trade programme.

Transition to Trade is a positive pathway for young people who want to get into the construction industry. There has been a sharp drop in the number of school and college leavers entering the construction industry, particularly in certain trades and the home building sector.

Some of the factors that contribute to this include:
• Many are not prepared for the world of work. As a result, employers are reluctant to take them on as they can’t be relied upon on site.

• Many of them don’t get practical on-site experience during their studies. Consequently, they don’t have the skills to work independently on site.

• The quality of training they get is variable. While they have qualifications on paper, it doesn’t always translate into good quality technical skills on the job.

• They aren’t yet equipped to be self-employed so early on in their careers. Therefore, they can’t compete for the construction projects in the same way as experienced self-employed tradespeople.

The donation from Greenhill HR will go towards the enrichment of the Transition to Trade schools programme for 2021. This donation will allow Alexander’s Community Development to access resources that will enhance the delivery of the programme, focusing on the development of young people’s soft skills.

‘It is as equally important to build up young people’s soft skills such as confidence, leadership, resilience, decision making and time keeping - as it is to upskill young people and provide them with the experience and qualifications to be ready to ‘Transition into a Trade.’

These skills are vital for young people to grow both their personal and professional networks enabling them to thrive in the world of work. These are ultimately the skills that will allow them to showcase their talents in interviews and maintain employment.

Which is why we have welcomed this donation from Greenhill HR which we will put towards the enrichment of our Transition to Trade courses this year, to help build up the soft skills of our future tradespeople.’ Aled Bartley-Jones – Project Leader

“We are delighted to be supporting the Transition to Trade initiative run by Alexander’s Community Development. Their plans for 2021 have been impacted by Covid-19 Lockdown, so it’s all the more crucial that they have the backing of small businesses like ourselves who believe in supporting their core mission to equip young people with practical & life skills to gain employment” - Sandy Wilkie - Greenhill HR

We provide 2 main services, Transition to Trade and Community Programme.
Transition to Trade is born from 20 years’ experience in the construction industry. The programme which is delivered to two demographics – Schools (high school pupils) and Bespoke (users of employability services). This gives young people a positive pathway into the construction industry. There are no barriers such as existing qualifications or experience, just a desire to gain something more from life.
Our community programme has two key services – Food Distribution and Trades for All.

Food Distribution has become one of our most vital services during 2020, in direct response to Covid-19. Serving the 25-27 food insecurity projects in Dundee, ACD is a central storage and distribution hub for food purchased by Dundee City Council. This work is carried out in partnership with Faith in Community, who are an anchor organisation for the food insecurity projects. ACD also supports local food manufactures and shops to manage their excess stock by collecting and redistributing across the projects.

Greenhill HR offer bespoke external HR/OD support for startup companies, SMEs and those in the creative industries. We work in partnership with clients to deliver innovative solutions that make a real difference to organisations. For more information, see 

For more information, contact Aled, Project Leader,


Alexander Community Development

Alexander Community Development has developed from 20 years of work in the decorating trade, both in practise and education. The sister company of ACD, Alexander Decorators LTD has lead the way in developing skill and talent in the trade, and this work will now be built upon in ACD. Within in this live working environment, there will be programmes delivered for children and young people who are looking to gain qualifications and skills that will gain them future employment opportunities.

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