Sales Increase for Digital Marketing Agency After Rollercoaster Year


29th March 2021

Red Evolution, an established, Aberdeenshire based digital marketing agency, with offices in Newcastle and London, saw revenue increase by 20% during a year of ups and downs.

In common with many other businesses, they lost two clients immediately when lockdown started and tightened their grip on costs as a precaution.

However, over the summer months they achieved a number of significant business gains as companies accustomed to more traditional methods of marketing looked to the internet to reach new markets.

By the end of 2020, they had gained six new long-term clients as well as a higher than expected number of one-off web design and development projects, and hired an additional web developer.

Unfortunately, the strain of the pandemic on certain sectors of the economy took its toll and in early 2021 two clients were unable to continue with their ongoing commitments. However, these losses were offset by the acquisition of four new clients whose projects are now in progress.

Another highlight of 2021 was gaining their ISO 9001 certification, demonstrating that robust procedures are in place.

David Robinson, MD of Red Evolution said, “A year ago we were concerned that the pandemic might damage the business, but in fact, despite some worrying times, we have been impressed at how quickly companies have grasped the importance of enhancing their digital presence when traditional marketing techniques have not been feasible.

“The growth in revenue has enabled to us to expand our team, and with everyone working remotely we’ve seen the importance of having clearly communicated procedures to make sure that clients continue to receive the same standards of service, regardless of where we are based. ISO 9001 certification gives us the structure we need to maintain a quality service and reassures potential clients that they are in safe hands.”

Red Evolution Ltd

We’re a boutique, multi-disciplined digital marketing agency with clients throughout the UK, Europe and North America. Our strategic approach to web design, development, SEO, content and advertising helps businesses grow by making sure they are found online by their ideal customers.

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