Clarity about Circularity: Issue 10


12th April 2021

Welcome to issue 10 of Clarity About Circularity, a blog series by MDG Group. So far, we have discussed our sustainability journey, our role with Circular Tayside, green energy, and the Triple A Plan detailing your Accountability, Awareness and Action as a business aiming to become more circular and environmentally friendly. If you have missed any of these please get in touch using the contact details below and we can send you a copy! This issue we’ll be highlighting the potential benefits of Electric Vehicles and Electric Charging Points.

Electric Vehicles (EV) are becoming increasingly popular both in business and personal use. As a result of this, the demand for EV chargers is also increasing. Locations such as hotels, car parks, offices, factories, warehouses, restaurants, stadiums, leisure centres and retail spaces offer great opportunities for charging points. Chargers not only offer the ability to reduce a business's carbon emissions but also offer commercial opportunities to increase footfall and brand awareness.

As with our Solar and LED products, MDG Group has partnered with a specialist in order to provide a bespoke service we can be proud of. The service includes both organising and managing electric vehicles - be it a single van or an entire fleet. We asked our partner Martin Duddridge for his thoughts on the importance of EV in the modern business world:

“Businesses around the world are accelerating their transition to alternative-power transport, such as Electric and Hydrogen Vehicles. An effective transition means minimising the impact on the day-to-day operation of your business, whilst maximising the environmental benefits. Real-time analysis of fleet data plus a true total cost of ownership comparison will enable the transition to Electric Vehicles at the right time and with the right models for your business.”

As always if you’re beginning your Net Zero journey or looking to take the next step along your path MDG Group would be delighted to help. Please do contact us for a free consultation, using the details below. We’d love to hear from you!

Written by: Sam Grace & Christian Williams


Circular Tayside

Circular Tayside is delivered by Zero Waste Scotland, Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce and Perthshire Chamber of Commerce. Circular Tayside is an initiative that: Raises awareness of the circular economy, the role the local businesses have to play in it, and how they will benefit. Facilitates collaboration amongst the local business community to enable our circular economy to develop. Supports individual businesses as they begin to identify and implement new and innovative approaches to businesses that support a transition to a circular economy Brings together a group of Circular Tayside Ambassadors who will be leaders in their sectors and champions of the circular economy.

Here's The Plan Ltd

At Here's The Plan, we help businesses to optimise utility & telecoms costs, understand & comply with regulations, and plan for Net-Zero by becoming more sustainable!

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