New Travel Centre for Xplore Dundee


4th May 2021

Xplore Dundee opened the doors to its brand new Travel Centre yesterday.

The shop has moved a couple of doors down to 80-82 Commercial Street, where customers will have access to the same services as previously: timetables, tickets and travel advice.

Managing Director Christine McGlasson said: “We’re really pleased with our new Travel Centre – it’s bigger and brighter than our previous premises, with much more space for customers. Not only that but we’ve improved accessibility, with wider doorways at street level. The Travel Centre provides a really important service for our customers, as many people appreciate the ability to visit for information or get advice from a staff member in person.

“We’d encourage anyone who’s returning to our services for the first time after lockdown to visit the Travel Centre or our website for the most up-to-date information on the network and the latest timetables.”

Until further notice, opening hours for Xplore Dundee’s Travel Centre will be:

• Monday: 1000 - 1700

• Tuesday: closed

• Wednesday: closed

• Thursday: 1000 - 1400

• Friday: 1000 – 1700

Xplore Dundee

As Dundee's principal public transport provider, we fulfill around 35,000 passenger journeys every day. Our service is part of the fabric of the city - carrying people where they need to be, and employing more than 300 people.

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