Western Gateway active travel study


21st May 2021

Residents of a Dundee community have given their support for a council-backed study to look at active transport links between them and the city’s amenities.

Western Gateway Community Group are behind Dundee City Council’s appointment of consultants Jacobs to identify options and create opportunities to shift the city’s travel habits.

Mark Flynn convener of Dundee City Council’s city development committee said: “As with every other community one size does not fit all in the Western Gateway, but we want to find out how more people can be encouraged to use active travel as an option for short and longer journeys.

“Historically the focus of place making has been on serving the desires of drivers, but cyclists and walkers want and need infrastructure improvements and initiatives to support their choices.

“Active travel options provided as part of a mixed approach has proven benefits, not just for individuals but also in improving the city’s health and economic prospects.”

Bill Batchelor of the Western Gateway Community Group added: “We have looked at and discussed in some detail the scope of works being covered by the consultants and are very positive about them.

“The Western Gateway development offers the council and the wider city a chance to consider the needs of people who want to walk and cycle and this study will help pave the way for that.”

Dundee City Council has appointed Jacobs to provide an option appraisal report that identifies any new or improved connections that could increase the number of journeys made by walking and cycling travel from the Western Gateway to the city’s amenities. The report will also consider ways of improving existing routes.

Jacobs will consult with a number of interested parties including Sustrans,Tactran, Dundee Cycling Forum, Western Gateway Community Group, West Green Park Residents and Proprietors Association, neighbouring local authorities and community councils, Dundee Biking, Riding and Walking (BRAW) Forum, developers and landowners.

The findings are expected to be reported to the council by the autumn. 


Dundee City Council

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