New Programme Offers Flying Start for Scotland’s Ex-Aerospace Workers


27th May 2021

Potential entrepreneurs from the aerospace sector are being called upon to help create companies that will drive economic recovery.

The company creation programme, delivered by Scotland’s largest business support organisation Elevator, is looking for former workers from the industry with ideas and solutions they can help grow into high growth businesses.

Grey Matters, supported by Scottish Enterprise and Renfrewshire Council, has been designed to help individuals from across the country’s aerospace industries who are currently not in work or who are looking for a new project.

The intensive 16-week programme is set to be in place by August and will be fully funded by Elevator.

John Harris, Elevator Energy Director, said: “In the last 18-months we have seen a plethora of challenges emerge from the global pandemic. To successfully meet these challenges we need to tap into the power of human ingenuity and find novel solutions that can successfully scale up to have a positive local and national impact.

“Elevator is a key epicentre for this kind in entrepreneurial opportunity and technology innovation. Our goal is to support the acceleration of Scotland’s economic recovery, to help individuals and create jobs to replace those that have been lost.”

The programme forms part of Elevator’s Grey Matters offering, an initiative launched in early 2017 to predominantly support experienced or redundant professionals in the oil and gas industry. To date, it has formed 21 new ventures and is a catalyst for collaboration across the North East’s energy sector.

“Collective problem-solving will help us rejuvenate our economics, something we experienced throughout our five successful Grey Maters cohorts. It is an approach we believe is very much part of the future of high growth business development,” concluded, Mr Harris.

Scottish Enterprise’s Ana Gallardo said: “Entrepreneurship and innovation are hugely important to our economic recovery and this programme offers the support needed to turn good ideas into future companies of scale-up potential.

“Grey Matters already has a proven track record and Scottish Enterprise is proud to continue this partnership, now aiming to unlock some of the great talent and ingenuity coming out of Scotland’s aerospace sector.”


Elevator UK Ltd is a not for profit private limited company; its vision is to generate and recycle wealth, to energise and inspire individuals, as a result improving the economic prospects of its communities.

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