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11th June 2021

Eight hours a day is the time an average student or office staff sit at a desk. This puts immense strain on our bodies and can lead to health complications. It is extremely important to ensure you are using the correct chair and desk setup. Sitting with both feet flat on the ground, knees and hips aligned with little pressure behind the thighs for optimum posture support.

Proper support and improved comfort can be provided by using ergonomic chairs to help to reduce the strain on our bodies. These used to be seen as a more expensive luxurious item but these days they are a must for anyone who spends prolonged time using a desk for overall wellbeing.

We have listed below the main reasons you should ensure your workplace or education centre are providing the correct supportive chairs.

Here’s why you should upgrade the chairs in your workplace or educational institution as soon as possible:

1) Eases Back Ache & Pain

A backrest is one of the main features of an ergonomic chair which is specifically designed to support the natural curve of the spine and tall enough to support the entire back. These chairs have been proven to reduce absence in the workplace as back pain is one of the main reasons for absenteeism in the UK.

2) Supports Posture

The pressure that traditional chairs can put on the spine can lead to bad posture over time which makes our backs more susceptible to injury. Because ergonomic chairs are fully adjustable to specific heights and workstations they ensure that the body remains in the correct posture.

3) Reduction in Neck Pain

Stiff necks or shoulders are a key complaint with office workers which result in reduced cartilage lining around the vertebrae. This is why ergonomic chairs have the option to include a head and neck rest for additional support.

4) Removes Pressure from Hips

Unnecessary pressure is often placed on the hips by hard or uncomfortable chairs. Sufficient padding and depth are a feature of ergonomic chairs to support hips and reduce this pressure.

5) Boosts Productivity

Desk users who are more comfortable with no aches and pains tend to be happier and more productive with less time off work. It comes as no surprise that ergonomic chairs have been proven to increase productivity and the quality of work produces.

6) Improves Blood Circulation

Finally, the last key benefit of an ergonomic chair is the improvement in blood flow around the body. By adjusting the seat at an angle the circulation in our legs is vastly improved. Improving our overall wellbeing.

We hope you are now more informed on the benefits of ergonomic chairs and the reasons they are a must for office workers and students. If you would like to fit out your office or educational setting with ergonomic chairs to reap the benefits and optimise the productivity and comfort they bring get in touch with Spaces Taylored today.

For more information on how Spaces Taylored can support your employee health and wellbeing in the workplace, get in touch today! Call us on 0843 122 9545 or drop us an email at info@spacestaylored.com to find out how we can transform your current working environment into an inspirational place that you’ll love to spend time in.

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