Company growth at R & M Bearings


18th June 2021

R&M Bearings International Limited have been based in Dundee for over 38 years and recent exciting growth of the company has seen major investment in a number of areas.

Before the pandemic started in 2020, we had already committed to purchasing a unit in the Dunsinane industrial Estate of the City and renovations were well under way. This was a major investment for the company and now we can see some light at the end of the tunnel, it was an investment we feel was well worth the stresses it put on the cashflow and our directors’ turned project managers’!

We have now transformed the unit into a bespoke office and warehouse space with the trade desk and retail functions being far busier than our previous unit in Manhattan Works. The location and private yard space was a massive pull for the business, being so close to the Kingsway has seen footfall increase quite significantly and those who had visited our Manhattan unit will now be thankful for the generous car parking now available – it was always a bug bear for our customer base.

In addition to the new unit, R&M Bearings have also made a large stock investment in premium bearings of all sizes. With a vibrant export side to the business pre-Brexit, we more than most felt the effects 2021 had on businesses trading with the EU. For many years we have traded with the major European countries and built up strong partnerships. Those relationships have been stretched to the extremes given the logistical nightmare Brexit has left us in. As a result we felt we needed to slightly modify the structure of our business and following some lengthy conversations with our friends in the EU, we invested heavily in some premium, popular sizes of quality bearings to service Dundee, the surrounding areas and beyond.

Already we have had new customers coming onto us from all corners of the world, simply down to the fact we are carrying the bearings they require and can get them shipped out and dispatched the same day. This is proving to be a huge advantage over our many competitors and something we want more customers in the Dundee area to know about going forward. Our business has always been about the customer and providing the best service we can. In having this increased stock in Dundee, we are in a far better position to do just that.

R&M Bearings International Ltd

R&M Bearings are a supplier of premium brand bearings, along with a comprehensive range of transmission products, from all the leading manufacturers at the right price and renowned quality service.

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