2021 Silver Award Winner for Salamandra.uk CEO

Christine Mackay, CEO at salamandra.uk, has been awarded the prestigious prize of 2021 Silver Award Winner for ‘Best Boss’ at this year’s Best Business Women Awards, which recognises great female entrepreneurs and business leaders who are making a real impact on their industry. 

Christine, who previously came away as the 2020 winner of the Best Business Woman in Business Services Award, has been recognised by both her team and the panel of judges for her excellent company culture, creativity, tenacity, and great business acumen.

Falling in love with animation as an innovative medium for B2B visual communications, Christine founded salamandra.uk, a highly respected and award-winning animation studio, back in 2014. As of 2021, salamandra.uk is taking over the globe, with hardworking lizards based in Eton, Dundee, and San Francisco, and projects spanning over 17 industries. 

Christine continues to pioneer the business, in addition to sharing her expertise with other aspiring professionals. Most recently, Christine shared her award-winning secrets on The Best Business Awards Show Podcast, where she discussed her business journey with salamandra.uk. She explained why business awards have been integral to her business success , and enthused about why she’s so passionate about all things animation!

Debbie Gilbert, organiser of The Best Business Women Awards said: ‘[The event was] a recipe for inspiration and celebration! Take 84 amazing business women who did not let a pandemic beat them. Mix that with a large dose of tenacity, resilience and determination and you get The 2021 Best Businesswomen - and here they are! Such a great moment to recognise them! Since 2015 these awards have now recognised 540 women and we are truly proud of them all.’

Christine Mackay, CEO of salamandra.uk said: ‘What a wonderful night for the Best Business Women Awards 2020/21 last night! So grateful and honoured to win the Best Boss Silver trophy, whoop whoop! Thank you to my wonderful team and the inimitable Debbie Gilbert for a splendid event and all the support and build up to this event!!’  

Listen to Christine’s top business secrets on Debbie’s podcast here:


Or watch Christine spill the beans in the video below:




Salamandra.uk is an animation studio with lively lounges in Eton, Dundee and San Francisco. We’re experts at creating visual stories that convey complex messages, offering powerful productions on any platform.

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