Adopt an Intern


23rd January 2014

Across the world youth unemployment is on the rise. In the UK, recent data shows the unemployment rate exceeding 20% whilst graduate unemployment has reached its highest level since 1995.

With graduates finding it difficult to gain employment in the competitive job market, research shows that over half of employers would not hire someone without any work experience. This places graduates in a catch-22 situation; unable to gain work experience without having work experience.

Graduates have much to offer: they have up-to-date knowledge and skills, they are hungry for success and eager to contribute. All they need are opportunities to gain valuable hands-on experience and take the first, crucial steps on their career ladder. Adopt an Intern is one of the very few organisations to offer structured placement opportunities that provide graduates with paid internships in cross-sector organisations throughout Scotland, enabling them to gain this much-needed experience.

Founded in April 2010, Adopt an Intern has placed over 500 graduates in just under four years.

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