Equipment rentals - supporting a circular economy

First Integrated Solutions provides equipment rental solutions. Renting equipment as opposed to buying it provides many environmental benefits and supports the circular economy as it supports durability and reuse.

Shared usage

Accessing equipment only when required, improves efficiency. Rental asset management leads to more frequent, hence more efficient, use of equipment, reducing the carbon footprint and reducing the amount of equipment that needs to be manufactured.


Rented equipment is regularly serviced and repaired keeping the equipment in good working order and ensuring its durability. Reducing the need for manufacture and supply of new equipment both protects resources and reduces the carbon footprint associated with manufacture.

Equipment training

Renters can offer guidance and advice on the most sustainable options for their clients and provide theoretical and practical training to optimise the use of equipment whilst in service.


Components of dismantled equipment can be reused, lessening the need for manufacturing of new equivalent parts.


As FIS take care of the service and repair of their own equipment, when it is still possible, and assume responsibility for end-of-life management by collecting, reusing, or recycling equipment.

First Integrated Solutions Ltd

First Integrated is an international provider of state of the art lifting equipment, inspection services and equipment rental solutions, servicing clients from our UK head office in Aberdeen along with our London and Dundee premises. We also ship goods around the world.

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