Businesses want to get on with growing economy


4th July 2014

Over 260 business people from across Scotland quizzed the Prime Minister, the Rt Hon David Cameron MP, in Glasgow this morning at a Business Leaders’ Breakfast event hosted by the Scottish Chambers of Commerce.  With just 76 days to go until the referendum on Scottish independence, the views of Scotland’s businesses on constitutional issues are becoming increasingly important.  Nora Senior, Chair of Scottish Chambers of Commerce, said:

“Every recent opinion poll has shown that the economy is the number one issue for Scots as we approach the referendum.  Whichever way the vote goes, it will be down to Scottish businesses to deliver the economic success and prosperity that the politicians on both sides of the debate are promising.

“However what neither side has yet convinced us of is the deliverability of their promises.  In the case of independence, it looks increasingly unlikely that the remainder of the UK would agree to a formal currency union, yet none of the possible alternatives have been adequately explored in a way which businesses can plan around.  Equally businesses are also in the dark about what a ‘No’ vote might mean.  We know what the implications of the Scotland Act will be, but which of the three competing visions for the future of devolution from each of the Better Together parties should we plan around?

“Scottish Chambers of Commerce has consistently maintained our impartiality in terms of the outcome of the referendum and this remains fundamental to our approach. However as the referendum date gets closer, businesses are looking for the fog of uncertainty to clear in order that we can get on with the job of growing Scotland’s economy.”

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