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15th July 2014


Referendum News


This week, leading Oxford Academic Sionaidh Douglas-Scott said that Scotland\'s entry into the EU, if it opts for independence in September, would be \"relatively straightforward and smooth\". The Professor further stated her belief that it may be possible for Scotland to have uninterrupted membership. Douglas-Scotland is a Professor of European Law, and has published a book on EU law. Yes Scotland welcomed her statement, which echoed their own assertions that Scotland could continue membership under Article 48 of the Lisbon Treaty. Better Together meanwhile, insisted that Scotland would have to reapply under Article 49, and pointed to comments made by former Commission President Manuel Barroso, that it would be \"almost impossible\" for Scotland to gain entry into the EU - comments rejected by the Professor. Incoming Commission President Jean-Claude Junker commented however that he believed Scotland would have to reapply for membership - something Douglas-Scott argues would damage the image of the EU.

Head of Scottish Whisky Association counters claims of intimidation

The head of the Scottish Whisky Association, David Frost this week stated that neither he nor the Scottish Whisky Association had been subject to \"intimidation\" from Yes Scotland or the Scottish Government with regards to independence. Mr. Frost stated that he had had \"frank and constructive\" talks with each sides and had raised the concerns of the industry with both sides. His comments come as his predecessor Gavin Hewitt accused Westminster leader Angus Robertson of attempting to \"neuter\" the industry\'s input - claims strongly denied by Mr. Robertson.

UBS Economists predict Scottish depositors will move money south if there is a Yes vote

Economists with Swiss bank UBS this week claimed that depositors in Scotland are likely to move their money south into the remainder of the UK if there is a Yes vote in September. The reasons given for this were uncertainty over the currency an independent Scotland would use, and concerns a new currency may not match the pound. Better Together welcomed the assessment as proof that  Scotland gets the \"best of both worlds\" in the United Kingdom, whilst Yes Scotland continue to insist there would be a currency union - despite growing calls from some corners of Yes Scotland for Scotland to have \"full economic independence\" and create it\'s own currency.

Darling/Salmond TV Debate set

The head of Better Together Alistair Darling is set to debate Scotland\'s first minister on live television. The two men are likely to clash over the economy, what currency an independent Scotland would use, Scotland\'s EU status and the controversial Trident missile defence system. The debate will take place on the 5th of August on STV, and is seen by both sides as a key chance to convince last minute undecided voters.

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