Forth Green is the latest freeport to open for business

Following approval from the Scottish and UK Governments of its Outline Business Case, Forth Green Freeport (FGF) is now up and running with three tax sites located in Grangemouth, Rosyth and Mid-Forth (Leith and Burntisland).

The aim is to attract new businesses and new jobs into the FGF area, aided by a suite of financial incentives to deliver major economic and net zero benefits for Scotland as a whole and the local communities in Fife, Falkirk, Leith and beyond.

Focusing on the key target sectors of offshore wind, hydrogen, sustainable fuels, modular manufacturing and logistics, FGF will, Chairwoman Dame Susan Rice said, support the re-industrialisation of Central Scotland and large-scale economic regeneration over the next decade.

Forecasts indicate that there is the potential to attract £7 billion of private and public investment over the next decade, delivering Gross Value Added (GVA) of £8.4 billion. This could, she went on, generate up to 38,350 well paid, highly skilled, green jobs, with almost 19,000 of these being direct jobs linked to the FGF’s target sectors and tax sites.

The investment incentives will only apply to businesses who commit to and deliver against a set of demanding Investor Principles that will guide all landowners and developers.

This will include abiding by the Fair Work Charter, which prioritises the rights, wages and working conditions of employees. The principles also require businesses to buy into Forth Green Freeport’s net zero commitments.

Dame Susan concluded: “Through innovations in offshore wind manufacturing, assembly and commissioning, alongside innovative shipbuilding, modular assembly and hydrogen manufacture, the country’s net zero targets can be boosted by Forth Green Freeport. This is a long-term project and one which we know will deliver real benefits to the local communities through economic growth, skills re-training and training and access to high quality, green jobs.”

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