Scottish businesses call for seat at UK table

The Scottish Chambers of Commerce (SCC) has welcomed Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer’s meeting today with First Minister John Swinney and called for a similar pro-active partnership with Scottish businesses.


SCC Chief Executive Dr Liz Cameron CBE said: “Scotland faces many challenges, not least in our oil and gas sector as we transition to Net Zero and we urgently need detailed plans and action to protect and invest in the thousands of jobs that rely on a thriving North East economy.


“That means the new UK government working together with Holyrood to deliver policies and support the business and energy sector.


“Today’s meeting is a positive step in that direction and one we welcome.”


In a 15-point action plan released prior to the General Election, The SCC called for a Joint Economic Growth Board to be established within the first 100 days of government to oversee an ambitious programme of pro-enterprise, pro-growth policies.


Dr Cameron said: “As Scotland’s leading business organisation with 12,000 members we want a seat at that table to ensure our voice is heard and our priorities recognised. Labour has said economic growth is at the heart of its drive to create prosperity and that can’t be done without working closely with the business community to help deliver the most pro-growth policies to turbo-charge investment, innovation, and job creation.”


The SCC has prioritised four key areas for the new Labour government:


  • Unleashing business growth by committing to no new UK taxes or levies on business for the lifetime of the next Parliament;
  • Accelerating investment by introducing a green industrial strategy with incentives and commit to future exploration and investment allowances for the oil & gas sector;
  • Boosting global trade by increasing the number of SMEs exporting and improve access to the EU – the UK’s largest trading partner;
  • Prioritising people & talent by developing a skilled migration strategy which aligns with economic need and support all types of jobseekers into the workforce.

Dr Cameron continued: “Our action plan was created by business for business and will not only protect jobs but provide a platform for investment and innovation. There is no doubt the country succeeds when business succeeds.


“We are encouraged that in the first few days of government, we have had a positive meeting between the new PM Sir Keir Starmer and FM John Swinney as well as the new Secretary of State for Scotland Ian Murray MP’s pledge to govern for the whole of the country and deliver economic growth and opportunity for every corner of the four nations. Resetting the relationship between Westminster and Holyrood can only benefit voters and businesses across Scotland.


“We hope our early optimism regarding a more collaborative approach is rewarded with urgent action and a pro-active partnership with business to deliver much needed jobs and more wealth into everyone’s pockets. Confidence in our new government will depend on that.”

Scottish Chambers of Commerce

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