Derby day winner for Dundee Foodbank


24th September 2014

The charity received more than 1,500 kilograms of food from both Dundee and Dundee United fans who were part of the sell-out crowd watching the weekend derby.

The supporters handed over shopping bags filled with goods at the collection areas outside the main stand and the Bobby Cox stand at Dens Park.

The workers at the foodbank also revealed that their text message donation service reached its highest ever fundraising total, taking in more than £200.

Manager Dave Morris has been sorting the bags since the game, and is proud of the people of Dundee who have come together to donate to the community.

He said: “We had wanted to do something with the football teams before, but it had never really made sense. We couldn’t expect away fans to bring lots of bags filled with food and take them to grounds all over the country.

“When Dundee got promoted it was a perfect fit, because the fans of the teams would be giving food to people in their city.

“The response has been amazing. Every time I check our Facebook the post has been shared a few more times, and there’s a few more positive comments.

“I think it sends a really good message about the Dundee derby and football fans in general.”

Dave says he is aware of the image that foodbanks have after they were brought in to the referendum debate. However, he has thanked those who donated the huge amount of food.

He said: “I know foodbanks can be viewed as a negative, and have been a talking point in this complex political climate that has taken over Scotland, but people have still been engaging with us and it has shown people are genuinely good natured.

“If you gave something to us, then you have really helped someone in your city.”

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