Dundee’s appeal really ‘taking off’ with Waterfront transformation


25th September 2014

The man behind the ongoing transformation of the Waterfront has said that public perceptions of Dundee have been “radically changed” thanks to the £1bn project.

Mike Galloway, director of city development, revealed that interest from potential developers and investors is now “taking off significantly”.

He said that work on changing the road network in the area is expected to be concluded next year, along with the creation of the new main public square — a “green space” — behind Caird Hall.

Meanwhile, building is expected to begin on the new railway concourse next Spring and it is still hoped that the construction of the new V&A museum will be complete in 2017.

Mike said: “I think that a couple of years ago we were all very confident that we would get where we are.

“What we have managed to do is convince the rest of Scotland and the rest of the UK too.

“Their whole impression and views of Dundee have been radically changed and we are now seeing potential developers, investors and occupiers of buildings considering Dundee as a place to invest and base themselves.”

Last week, the Tele reported that the council was in secret talks with BAM Construction over the tender for the £45m V&A museum which will be the centrepiece of the new Waterfront.

It is understood that the tender amount was much higher than anticipated and negotiations are now taking place in a bid to reduce costs.

However, Mr Galloway said that the road construction phase of the project and the building of the main square were “ahead of programme”.

He added: “That shows the way we continually work with contractors to improve upon the way of building things and that is what we expect to happen in our relationship with BAM.

“We are pretty experienced at working with the contractors.

“The railway concourse is a facility that will be in place and operating, prior to the V&A opening, so that when the new visitors are coming to the city they will be coming through the new station and getting that real “wow” first impression of the city.

“We are also in negotiations with developers of new housing, new hotels, new offices about how we build the rest of the Waterfront and the level of interest is now taking off significantly.”

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