Stagecoach Launch Of New Coaches And Extended Route For X7


27th November 2014

Stagecoach have invested over a £2.4m in a fleet of brand new luxury coaches for the Coastrider X7 route.  

DACC\'s CEO, Alison Henderson and Membership Manager, Eve Hughes attended the launch on Tuesday where they received full information on the new route, refreshments and various other goodies.   

Full Information on the Coastrider X7 route - 

\"We\'re introducing 8 brand new Plaxton Elitei coaches to our fleet for the route and will be extending our current X7 route between Aberdeen and Dundee, to Perth.\"  

\"The Coastrider X7 was launched in 2011 operating along the coast between Aberdeen and Dundee, connecting Stonehaven, Montrose and Arbroath with the two cities.  The route has been extremely popular and we\'ve increased the frequency and added various journeys over the last few years to cater for demand.  The route is currently operated by modern coaches, so offers a quality commute, or just a comfortable day trip along the coast.\"  

\"We\'ve now seen an opportunity to extend this successful route into Perth, plus we can also connect 3 key hospital sites - Royal Victoria Hospital, Ninewells Hospital and Perth Royal Infirmary, which means so many more journey options will be possible for residents in Dundee.\" 

\"The X7 currently operates hourly every day and this will continue to Perth Mondays to Saturdays and every 2 hours on Sundays.\"   

\"You may be aware that our 333 route currently operates a fast route between PRI and Ninewells hospitals, this will be replaced by the X7 from its launch date of 24th November.  This will retain the frequency of service between the two sites, as well as providing a weekend service not currently available and extra evening journeys, not to mention new links to other areas of Perth, Dundee and Angus as well as new stopping points outside Dundee and Angus College Gardyne Campus, Dundee University.\" 

\"With features such as leather reclining seats, free wifi, on-board toilet and bike racks with space for 5 bikes, these really are the latest luxury in coach travel.\" 

Andrew Jarvis
Managing Director
Stagecoach East Scotland

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