Dundee V&A hitting the road for Design in Motion exhibition


11th December 2014

The Dundee V&A Museum project will begin 2015 with its first touring exhibition.

The Design in Motion exhibition will take in rural locations such as Harris, Campbeltown, Elgin and Galashiels, alongside Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and the museum’s home city.

The show will be housed in the Travelling Gallery, a custom-built mobile contemporary gallery inside a bus, launching in Dundee on February 13 before embarking on a 78-stop nationwide journey which ends at the Victoria and Albert museum in London in June.

Design in Motion is the second V&A Dundee project to benefit from funding from players of the Postcode Lottery.

The brainchild of designer Gabrielle Underwood will showcase leading designers currently working with digital technology to push the boundaries of their discipline within games, product, jewellery, fashion, textiles and built heritage.

Featuring designers Geoffrey Mann, Sophia George, Anarkik3D, Sara Robertson and Sarah Taylor, Lynne MacLachlan, the Digital Design Studio and leading fashion designer Holly Fulton, the exhibition was curated by experts through online site Pinterest.

V&A Dundee is also working with Dundee-based developers eeGeo to develop a new mobile app. The Design Scotland app uses 3D mapping technology to track the tour and highlight stories of Scotland’s design heritage across the last 300 years.

Sarah Saunders, head of learning and engagement for V&A Dundee said: “We are delighted to be able to announce details of Design in Motion today. It’s an incredibly ambitious project, but one that we feel underlines the scope and scale of the new museum, and really allows us to set out our stall as a new national institution.

“The designers in this exhibition have used digital technologies as a means of reconstructing our heritage, visualising the unseen, and creating new forms.

“To them, digital is a tool that enables them to experiment, play and create. There are also some shining examples of how today’s designers are using the innovations of the past to inspire the designs of the future.

“We look forward to seeing what our audiences pin to the map and are excited to think of the potential of this information in enabling audiences to inform our future programme.“

The bus will be in Dundee from February 13 to 27, and in Fife and Perth from March 30 to April 3.

It will be in Angus and Aberdeen from April 6 to 10.

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